Dr.Max Holding


Dr.Max Holding manages the largest networks of pharmacies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as the largest independent from wholesalers network of pharmacies in Poland.

The roots of the company reach back to 2004 when Penta Investments fund purchased 50% of shares within the Czech based company of „Ceska Lekarna”. The following year the investment project has been launched upon Slovakian and Polish markets thus creating foundations for the future Dr.Max Holding. The first step of the development closes in 2006 along with the establishment of the Pharmacy of Dr.Max, which shall became the synonym of availability of the low prices of medicines.

Years between 2007 – 2010 constitute the period of foundation of holding type of structures, process optimisation as well as centralisation and implementation of modern commercial strategy. Dr.Max is becoming an important partner for medicine distributors and manufacturers. The company in a growing manner penetrates domestic markets thus experiencing both organic growth as well as growth through the acquisition of further companies.

The further step of development takes place between the years of 2011-2014 during which period Dr.Max Pharmacies obtain the leading position in the Czech Republic still experiencing growth in Slovakia. For the Polish part of the Holding this is the period of restructuring and business stabilisation. Three important acquisitions also take place within the given period: the purchase of the network of Lloyds pharmacies as well as the distributor of the medicines Gehe in the Czech Republic, taking over the network of Phoenix pharmacies in Poland as well as one of the largest transactions upon the Polish market, the purchase of the group of Mediq pharmacies.

Today the network of Dr. Max pharmacies is a robust business enjoying the potential for further growth upon the most perspective markets within the aforementioned part of Europe.