Penta Investments


Penta is the Central European investment group founded in 1994, which specialises in long term value investments. Today, the group executes activity aimed at the development of projects and companies, above all within the below listed sectors: health care, financial services, commerce, manufacturing and real estate property.

From the company operating locally, Penta has become an international entity, which conveys investment type of entrepreneurship at more than 10 European markets in parallel providing 30000 jobs within its portfolio companies. Penta possesses assets of the total value amounting to 6,5 billion EUR. The group concentrates upon companies within which it may exploit its knowledge and experience, in an active manner participating within portfolio investments and companies.

Penta in numbers (EUR)

Equity (NAV, FV)

1.6 billion

Net profit

100 million

Cumulative sales

4.7 billion

Asset value

6.5 million