Pharmacy acquisition


In the last 3 years we have been able to achieve a five times fold increase of the number of locations up to the level of 300 pharmacies thus reaching the level of about 2,5% market share (in accordance to the number of pharmacies). Considering the quantity of pharmacies we have in parallel become the largest Polish network of independent distributor of medicine.

The further development of Dr.Max constitutes the portion of the process of consolidation of the Polish market of medicines. With every year a growing number of pharmacy networks is subject to being created, which constitutes the answer to the constantly growing demand of patients to high standards of medical care combined with availability and low price levels. This is a very positive occurrence not only from the point of view of economy but above all, from the patients’ point of view. Thanks to the progressing consolidation, networks of pharmacies become the guarantor of low prices as well as the broad assortment of pharmaceutical services.